Bernadette Thompson Wipe Out Nail Polish Remover, Inc. It's not often that I rave about a nail polish remover, but it seems that time has come!

Celebrity manicurist Bernadette Thompson has a line of nail colors and nail products under the Bernadette Thompson name.
The star of the line, however, is this remover, Wipe Out. I have never used a nail polish remover which moisturizes and conditions my nails and cuticles SO well, and still manages to get every last trace of polish off in an instant! Wipe Out is a unique deep orange shade and has no horrible harsh smell (I still smelled chemicals, but it was an improvement over most removers). I was very impressed that it didn't dry out my nails and skin like many nail removers I've used in the past (even the ones which bill themselves as moisturizing!). It left made my cuticles soft and smooth and my nail beds were glossy and hydrated.

This is a bi-phase formula and as per the instructions, I made sure to first shake it well to mix the moisturizing oils and the actual remover together.
I have natural nails, but Bernadette was smart enough to create a formula which not only works amazingly well with natural nails, but also for artificial nails as well! If you think that all polish removers are the same, try Wipe Out and you will surely change you mind. -RLB

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yes BT said...

Thanks for this review. I have been very interested in her products for a while. Going to order now.