Drugstore Buy of the Week: Biore Skin Preservation Line

A few weeks ago we were invited to a preview of Biore's latest skin care line, Skin Preservation. The 5 item line is designed for the forgotten woman - 25-35 - with skin that's out of the "acne/breakout" phase but not yet old enough for wrinkle fighters/plumpers and thicker night creams/moisturizers. (Of course, it also works equally well for women who may be younger/older that this range, with skin that behaves this way).

This was an interesting concept to me and I noted how amazing one of their team member's skin looked (she had been using it for over 4 months).

I loved all of the products, and here are some of the highlights of my favorites.

Biore SkinPreservation See the Future Fortifying Eye Cream

The eye cream comes in a small tube with a unique pen applicator which allowed me to apply the precise amount of product on the under eye area (not much is needed). It was extremely hydrating, soft, silky and absorbed quickly.

I had great results applying my concealer over this cream. After daily use, my eye area indeed looked much fresher and smoother. I would often apply a little at night and noticed in the AM my puffiness/darker circles were much less noticeable.

Biore SkinPreservation Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser

This is a really nice cleanser. With combination skin that's more oily in the t zone and dry on the cheeks, I was very impressed with how clean my face was after using, and how moisturized the drier areas were, while the t zone was toned. It foams up, but also has a silky feel as I'm lathering up my face with it.
I did not experience any break outs or irritation. The cleanser foamed up, but also had a beautiful, silky, feel as I lathered up my face. I liked the fresh, slightly "green" scent as well which was not too strong. My skin looked healthy, glowing and fresh after my first few uses with this cleanser - it really made a big difference! . The cap on the bottle also locks, which makes it perfect for throwing into your gym bag and for travel. This is perfect for combination, slightly oily and sensitive skins.

Biore SkinPreservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer + SPF 30

The Dual Fusion Moisturizer + SPF 30 (I loved the SPF 30 for everyday exposure), is really the crown jewel of this line. It's a moisturizer/sunscreen in a dual chamber bottle. The moisturizer on one side is pale green, (like the outer packaging) and the sunscreen on the other is white.

I loved that the moisturizer was so light and silky in feel, and that the SPF 30 did not a leave even a trace of white haze on my skin. It absorbed completely and clearly. Tip: In order to get the dual chamber to release the white and green sides equally, just tap the bottom of the bottle against your hand or the bathroom counter a few times first, then press down on the pump.

The hydration was incredible. It gave me a wonderful glow, plumped up my drier areas, and never made the more oily areas look greasy. It didn't clog my pores or give me any breakouts.

It also served as a great primer before I applied either a dab of tinted moisturizer or foundation over it. It smells quite nice as well, with a similar fresh, green fragrance to the rest of the line. Lastly, there is an expiration date on this product printed on the item so you know how long the sunscreen will be most effective.

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