Drugstore Buy of the Week: Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calming

For many of us, washing our face at night serves double duty - cleansing the day's makeup, dirt and oil that has accumulated on our skin - but also to relax and feel refreshed.

That's why this "Night Calming" formula is such a great idea. I found that these were a superior cleansing wipe (1 will take care of the entire face), and with the aromatherapy elements, it was also calming and soothing to my senses and my skin.

The wipes are moist (but not dripping wet) and very soft in texture. One wipe instantly removed all my makeup in an instant (even the waterproof/long lasting mascara and eyeliner). There was no oily feel at all, since there is no oil in the product
(they contain an ingredient that breaks up waterproof makeup). The wipes have a wonderful "slip" that allowed it to glide nicely across my skin, leaving it clean and toned, but still moisturized. My skin didn't feel stripped, irritated or tight after taking off all my makeup.

As for the night calming scent, it's a pretty, non-cloying lavender/vanilla combination, which is soft and indeed, relaxing. Another great feature of these wipes is that they do not irritate the eye area, which is important. Since these are nourishing cloths, this product is best for those of you with combination, dry or very dry skin. These may make very oily skin too oily.

If you choose, you can also splash your face with plain water afterwords and dry with a towel. My face still felt fresh, hydrated and clean after I did that. These are perfect for everyday use when you are just tired at the end of the day (or rushing at the beginning of it!), and of course for travel/gym as well." - RLB

Editor's Note: To ensure that the wipes don't dry out, make sure that you reseal the sticker top tightly (or better yet reseal and enclose the pack in a simple zip lock bag).

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