Get Your Frizz Forecast Today!

Nature's elements like heat, humidity and chance of rain can be enough to put any curly girl into a panic!

But now, thanks to our friends at, no matter where you are in the U.S., you can find out the frizz factor in your city with an inventive new addition to its site: the Frizz Forecast™.

Located on the homepage, the Frizz Forecast will let you know – in real time - the humidity for your specific area, as well ashigh and low temperatures for the day, so you can attend to your tresses accordingly.

Simply enter your zip code and the Frizz Forecast will instantly reportback whether balmy conditions are about to lead to a bad hair day.

Frizz Forecast also provides a convenient link to the site's CurlProducts page so you can stock up on the right curl-friendly products.

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