Histoires de Parfum - 1876

I thoroughly enjoy the concept behind the scent 'library' collection created by Gerald Ghislain, founder of Histoires de Parfum. 1876 was one of the clear cut winners when I first experienced this scent at a recent launch party for the brand. 1876 is inspired by Mata Hari, who was a unique and mysterious female character.

Although this is billed as a floral and does have a significant amount of rose, I wouldn't call it your typical rose scent at all. The opening notes on me were much more fruity in character - I loved the orange and bergamot notes which began melding with a very unusual litchi note, (that remained throughout the life of the scent) into the dry down. The rose is masterfully used here, and slowly allowed the
iris and violet to also peak in as well.

The actual dry down is glorious! It is a luscious white musk/wood that is sweet in a vanilla sense, but not cloying and "gourmand" without being obvious. The staying power is very nice, although this is on the lighter, drier side, so a few spritzes at the end of the day were necessary for me, but a treat nonetheless. This is really a captivating scent that a woman who loves to stand out with her fragrance is sure to love." - RLB

Top notes - bergamot, orange and litchi
Middle notes - rose, iris, violet, caraway, cinnamon and carnation
Base notes - vetiver, guaiac wood and sandalwood

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