Impluse Buy of the Week - La Mer The Body Refiner

"If we were told any other skin care brand had actual diamonds (1.75 carats of pure diamond dust) in their body scrub, we would either 1.) not believe them or 2.) think it was just a publicity stunt and not effective.

However, this is Creme de la Mer - and you know how we feel about Creme de la Mer.

Suffice it to say the diamonds, sea mud, tourmaline and all the other fabulous elements that went into making this body refiner are as effective and luxurious and all of our other favorite La Mer products.

The scrub is very soft and pliable and very lightweight. As soon as I applied it to slightly dampened skin, I noticed the sparkle (diamonds!) and liked that it had a significant amount of tightly packed fine grains that gave me a fantastic scrub.

After rinsing off the scrub, my skin was not only smoother and baby soft, but I actually felt and saw the moisture that had been put back into my skin - it was glowing and I didn't have to use much post-shower body moisturizer at all. I used this 2x week for several weeks and was just so excited by the results.This is a phenomenal product, and absolutely what I would expect from the geniuses at Creme de la Mer! If you are looking for a little self indulgent body care purchase for yourself this spring, this is the one." - RLB

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