Lierac Morpho-Slim

Tester: Hispanic (Columbian) late 30's, within 5 lbs of desired target weight. With normal body skin and some cellulite on upper thighs.

"So we all know there is no "magic bullet" to smooth, toned legs - but with a great product and a good lifestyle (exercise/diet) it is absolutely possible to improve the look of the skin on your body. The French definitely have a firm grasp on this category in my opinion. Lierac's latest product, Morpho Slim, was effective at toning and improving the overall look of my legs/thighs. It does contain 10% active caffeine (which studies have shown is still one of the most effective ingredients in toning body skin due to it's diuretic effects).

Morpho-Slim is a peach colored, medium weight gel//lotion. It applied clearly on my legs and took just a minute or two to fully absorb. I applied after my shower and then again at night. I didn't experience any "tingly" feelings but did feel a "tightening" of my skin within about 5 minutes after applying. After about a week the skin on my problem areas was softer and the texture was smoother. I continued to use for another month and my upper thighs were tighter as well. The key to using this product effectively is to ALSO do the massage that they outline in the instructions (a sort of kneading motion). Yes, this will add on about 5 minutes to your routine, but I found that it was worth it.

Like most body contouring products, you MUST continue to use this regularly in order to keep up the results, but I can't wait to see how much better my body looks after a few more months of regular use, and then bikini (hopefully!) here I come" :) M.V.

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