Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier in Pointe Noire
Tester: Hispanic (Venezualan) about America Ferrara's complexion with dark brown eyes.

"Even if you have used several eye liner brands before (as I have many times over!), Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier is by far one of the best. I tried this in several shades, but the Noire is a winning pencil that almost everyone can use. I loved the texture and how easy the pencil was to use. I could create a smoky, sexy intense eye, or a more conservative day time look - and because of the formula, it wouldn't budge, smudge or wear off AT ALL! This is a must have pencil for any beauty junkie or makeup artist's kit.

The pencil was silky smooth and creamy and the black is a rich, matte shade. When I drew (or applied using short, dotted strokes) my liner on the upper lid I did not experience any skipping. The shade "sets" itself after 50 seconds --then I didn't have to worry about it at all for the entire day/night (more than 12+ hours)! These pencils are water-resistant and last through humid weather.

On the other side of the dual pencil is a smudger which helps to soften the line (but I also used my fingers). If you really want a dramatic smokey eye, the eye intensifiers, also double as a cream eyeshadow. I loved using this way as well, particularly with the shades Surat (cool rose-bronze) and Gold Reef (deep brown with gold shimmer). Yes, these are another one of our favorites that are worth EVERY penny." L.M.

Editor's Note: You will get best results by making sure to sharpen a bit after every use, as it works better with a very pointy tip. (Sue Devitt has a very nice sharpener that fits the pencils).

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Other beautiful shades we tried (which also work beautifully as cream eyeshadow):

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil Eye Color, Surat

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil Eye Color, Gold Reef

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