Low Budget Ways to Organize Your Beauty Essentials- Pt.1

Organizing Ideas

We love our beauty products don't we?- but sometimes we collect QUITE a few beauty essentials we can't live without and we seem to, well, run out of room to store them all.

Often, all we need to do is
reconfigure the spaces where we keep our beauty products (e.g.bathroom/bedroom/closets), think about using walls, organizing vertically, using the backs of doors and even using organizing systems not originally meant for cosmetics.

Here are some products/organizing systems (some of these you may never have thought about using) that will help you store all the beauty products you love- and not break the bank either! Need more ideas? No problem, just take a look at our Pt. 2 ...

John Derian Bird Design Tray $9.98

Buy 2 or 3 of these trays for a pretty way to organize your perfume bottles, skin care or cosmetic collections. Perfect for bedroom dressers and the vanity.

3- drawer Tower with Flip Lid -Rubbermaid® Mini Drawers $10.99

Forget the pens and office supplies that you see here. This little wonder is perfect for smaller bathrooms and holds concealers, small brushes, pencils, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers and more! I swear by this one personally! It's also easy to clean, waterproof and non-breakable.

Suncast Workbench Slat Wall Kit $35.99

Sometimes you just need to think "up!" when you don't have much room. This is another nifty wall-mounted little item originally meant for tools that will hold a small amount of cosmetics, hair products or skin care items and perfect for a bathroom space as well. -RLB

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