Beauty Find - KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy

With summer approaching, even those of us who are diligent about exfoliating and moisturizing our feet need a little boost to make them look their VERY best in strappy sexy sandals, flip flops and just barefoot on the beach.

Kenzo, whom many of you may associate with fragrance and even facial skin care, has an amazing new body care product that not only smells incredible (of course - it's Kenzo), but is one of the best foot care products I've come across in a while to really combat dry, rough and/or flaky feet and heels - in luxury of course.

KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy is a creamy, medium-thick balm (almost the consistency of cake frosting) that moisturized my feet incredible well. It contains 2 ingredients which really take it to the next level - Shea Butter AND Cupuacu Butter, which is a butter created from the seeds of the Brazilian Cupuacu tree. It's lightly scented, but it's so pretty! The fragrance is soft, slightly powdery and doesn't overpower.

What really impressed me was how the balm literally melted into my feet when applying it. No matter how dry, flaky or rough any part of my feet was, this instantly absorbed and then moisturized it. It gave my skin a nice sheen, but was not shiny. It had no greasy film, so even after applying to both feet with a generous amount of cream, I was able to put on shoes within a minute or two and not slip and slide.

This is perfect not only for indulging yourself in an evening foot massage, a beautiful at-home pedicure or maintaining your regular salon pedicure, but also for giving your sweetie a foot massage! As a matter of fact, the beautiful box also contains a lovely, similarly designed mini booklet, (in several languages) filled with creative foot massage techniques. - RLB

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