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I will never be over my love affair with Mascara - I can admit that. However, I am very picky about them and it still take a great formula that does what it says (whether that be lengthening, volume, curling, long lasting, multi-use, waterproof, etc.), brush, (and packaging if I can get it) to make me really fall in love.

I haven't used a lot of Smashbox products, and I've never tried their mascara, so this was a great surprise that it was such a winner in my book!

I do have fairly long lashes, but I'm usually looking for a mascara that can also give me more volume, a little curl effect and some additional length. Lash DNA did all that and more. This is a great everyday mascara that immediately pumped up and stretched out my lashes, and did not flake or run (it is not waterproof however). As an added benefit, Lash DNA has proteins and amino acids that aid in conditioning and repairing lashes.

The shape of the brush itself is designed to look like a "double helix". It's fairly round, but on the short side. This shape however, actually allowed it to grab on to each and every one of my lashes, and then give a fanned out effect. I loved it! It was great for defining the lashes, giving some volume and most of all, additional length, with NO clumping. Please note that because of the helix design, you may need to go slowly the first few times as you take the brush and start at the base of your lashes and move upwards. It's very easy however once you get the hang of it, and it comes with very detailed instructions.

The formula also kept my lashes nicely curled with not a lot of stiffness or crunchiness, stayed on ALL day and was easy to remove at night with regular cleanser or eye makeup remover.

If you have a "library" of mascara's you like to use, this needs to be included in your collection ASAP! - RLB

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