Drugstore Buy of The Week - Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock

A healthy sun care product for your little ones AND for you - it's a tall order for some brands, but Neutrogena has managed to create this fantastic Pure & Free Baby Sunblock line that the whole family can use.

This is a physical sun block, with very good uva screen protection. It should be noted that it does have a thick texture, so it's best to apply it in thin layers. You also MUST blend well, as it can leave a whitish cast because of the zinc oxide. Once it is blended in however, the finish is nice and matte and I was also able to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer over it and it looked fine.

I loved how it didn't clog my pores, cause pimples, irritate or sting my skin (or my little one's!) at all.

Since it's such a dry formula, it's important to know that this will work better on combination/oily/normal skin. If you have very dry skin, this tends to accentuate the dry surface and fine lines.

Outside of that, the formula is excellent- it stays on the skin without rubbing or melting off, doesn't get into the eyes or irritate skin.

The stick is also very handy and easy to use on kids, (epecially parts like the neck, ears, cheeks, fingers, etc.). It glided on and faded into our skin easily. This is a pair of sun protection products that really should be a part of your family's beach bag for the summer.

Go-->Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Lotion, SPF 60+

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick, SPF 60+

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Ouidad said...

Great find! Non-pore-clogging sunblocks are tough to come by! Nice post!
Linda for Ouidad

cleon dann said...

best you can find...
nice post and keep it up ... i regularly visit here...

cleon dann