Drugstore Buy of the Week - Softlips Organic Pure Pomegrante


Softlips has created a line of Organic* lip care products that I think are a new drugstore "gem"!

The pomegranate was a nice fruity (and fairly authentic pomegranate) smell - but with no discernible taste. I've always loved the finish of softlips' balms, and this one is also a winner.
This product was not heavy or greasy, with great texture that went on smoothly easily and sank into my lips immediately. This balm never felt waxy or sticky.

It's gave me a clear, light, "moist" - (not super shiny) effect. The balm felt great and had good lasting power (but certainly must be reapplied during the day).

I love Softlips' slim, sleek, chic packaging and this Organic line has stayed true to that. Even better however, it's great to know that a product that you use so often has good, truly organic ingredients in it. - RLB

*USDA Certified organic

Go-->Softlips Pure Pomegranate (Organic Lip Balm)

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