Impulse Buy of the Week - Sue Devitt Microquatic Luminous Finishing Mist

I have always been big fan of Sue Devitt's products because they are innovative, luxurious, effective and provide real benefits for the skin.

I used this finishing mist as the final step in my makeup application each day. I loved how it gave my skin a true, luminous glow without shimmer or particles and really hydrated my skin.

This is perfect for those of you with dry skin and/or fine lines. I loved using this in the morning and I could really see the difference in how fresh my makeup looked by the end of the day (even in very high temps!).

I also loved using this in the late evening (sometimes just out of the fridge so it nice and cold) just to perk up my skin a little more before going out. It evaporated instantly and felt weightless on my skin. I found that no more than 4-5 sprays is all that was needed for the finishing effect.(More than that and I did get a slightly sticky feeling --however, even that went away after a few minutes).

It did not irritate my skin and the effect always looked so natural and healthy. This can also be used to moisten your powder/foundation if it looks to dry/cakey as well.

This is a luxury that any true makeup fan will realize is absolutely worth the price to make your makeup look it's best and get the most mileage out of it! - RLB

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