Impulse Buy of the Week: CHANEL No. 5 Eau Premiere Spray

Like many of you beauty/fragrance lovers, I remember the original CHANEL No. 5 fragrance laid out gingerly on my mother's fragrance tray on her bedroom dresser. I often recall the scent of her wearing it when she went out at night and on vacations.

Since those early days, I must admit I have never worn CHANEL No. 5 (surprising, I know!). Recently, I went to an event and I received a publication which had a deluxe sample of CHANEL's modern interpretation of CHANEL No. 5 Eau Premiere Spray, included with it. As soon as I opened it I knew I was powerless against the power of CHANEL - and then when I applied it I got mentally prepared to part ways with $ to buy the full bottle (which is also chic and stunning as you can see)!

What I love about this interpretation is that this really is an everyday fragrance. It contains notes that one might not at first associate with an every scent - like neroli, roses, jasmine, ylang ylang, amber, vetiver and sandalwood. But it's much lighter than the original, with a slightly different type of powdery dry down as well. The best way to describe the overall feeling of this scent is -- soft. It's still sexy and sophisticated, but more relaxed than the original. The staying power on me was phenomenal -- with a few spritzes in the morning easily lasting all day into the late evening.

For those of you who associate the original No. 5 with a very powdery "older woman" type of smell , the Eau Premier could not be more different. It starts out with a lot of the Jasmin but the vetiver soon takes over and it totally enveloped me! It resulted in a clean, soft, light scent which I felt still made a statement. Then, there is the "powder" effect, but again, it's still a lot softer and smoother than the original and very pleasant. What remains in the dry down is a nice sweetness and warmth from the amber/sandalwood. I'm simply in love with this.

This is a great CHANEL scent for younger women who want to have the CHANEL No. 5 perfume experience, but in a modern, clean, light way. Of course this will also make a wonderful, decadent Mother's Day gift for the mother in your life (she will swoon when she opens up the CHANEL box!) Isn't that going to be worth every penny? :) - RLB

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pheromone cologne said...

I wanna try this original CHANEL No. 5 fragrance it looks a great chanel scent. :)