JUST UPDATED! Low Budget Ways to Organize Your Beauty Essentials- Pt.2

Organizing Ideas

This is Pt.2 in our series on low cost ways to organize the beauty products in your home. For Pt. 1 click here.

We love our beauty products don't we?- but sometimes we collect QUITE a few beauty essentials we can't live without and we seem to, well, run out of room to store them all.

Often, all we need to do is reconfigure the spaces where we keep our beauty products (e.g.bathroom/bedroom/closets), think about using walls, organizing vertically, using the backs of doors and even using organizing systems not originally meant for cosmetics.

Here are some products/organizing systems (some of these you may never have thought about using) that will help you store all the beauty products you love- and not break the bank either!


The Hookmaker from designglut - $30 each (pictured left and below as a larger wall unit).

What a perfect idea to utilize your wall space for makeup pencils, brushes, sponges, etc. You can use as few or as many tiles as you wish to create a custom cosmetic wall organizing system!

Corelle Melamine Service Tray - Simple Lines $13.99
This longer tray is pretty and modern and can hold a larger collection of perfumes for instance...

Quantum Storage 7-Shelf Rack with 30 Shelf Bins $189.99
This is the most expensive of the group and created for power tool storage in garages, but for a hard core beauty organization job, it can't be beat. The size of the drawers are perfect for hair products, bath/body items, cosmetic tools, and also allows for labels on it's pull out drawers for finding items easily.

Cero Over-the-Cabinet-Door Bath Caddy $12.99

This little handy organizer is great for your hair tools, like brushes,
flat irons and blow dryers!

EZNet Small White Storage Net 2-Pack $24.99
Here's another door storage idea that perfect for bath/body products, hair products and razors, for example.

4-Case Storage Chest Container Store $59.00
This is another wonder with multiple drawers to fit all your cosmetics
and smaller skin care items like eye creams, primers and tinted moisturizers. It's also portable! - RLB

drugstore.com, inc.


NY Beauty Writer said...

I REALLY need that Quantum Storage Rack with all the products I test. That thing is serious.

BritishBeautyBlogger said...

OMG - I love that Quantum storage piece - that is exactly what my dreams of a tidy beauty stash are made of! BBBX