Mini Size Me with a Chain Wristlet

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Set your sights on something petite this summer. A chain wristlet is the essential accessory for your breezy summer escapades. Setting the trend is Yves Saint Laurent's chain mail wristlet. The 5-by-4 inch wristlet is a combination mini pouch and handmade jewelry chain bracelet. In addition to the YSL chain wristlet there are a myriad of other styles to choose from. Most are mini pouches or wallets with a chain doubling as a functional strap or attached merely for the added whimsy effect. With just enough space to hold your iPhone, keys, lipgloss and an Altoid or two these darling wristlets are all you need for poolside cocktails or that midday Pinkberry run.

Our finds for chain wristlets (pictured top to bottom):

Let's Go Luxe: Yves Saint Laurent Chain Wristlet in Black or Beige Jacquard, $1495.00 at

Indulge Me: Marc Jacobs Collection The BE.V Patchwork Wristlet, $395.00 at eLuxury

Frivolous Fun: Juicy Couture Leather Tassel & Key Wristlet, $128.00 at Neiman Marcus

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