Beauty Find - Dermalogica Solar Defense Wipes SPF 15

Every once in a while a product comes across my desk and I say to myself- why didn't someone come up with this great idea before?

These Solar Defense Wipes are perfect for everyday protection when you are going to be on the go, traveling with a child or just need something handy to reapply sun protection during the day.

These are meant to be used on the body, and the wipes are very soft and are slightly damp in feel (not dripping wet). They have a pleasant smell (no chemical sunscreen scent!) and best of all, they are great for sensitive skin. They didn't irritate or dry out my skin, and they didn't leave any film or white residue.

Of course the other benefit of sun screen wipes is for travel - easy to pack and won't break or create a mess in your bag!

My only wish is that they come out with higher SPF wipes options, but I'm sure they're already in the works! :) - RLB

Dermalogica Solar Defense Wipes SPF 15
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