Beauty Find - MAC Lip Conditioner "It seems like an easy product to create - a lip moisturizer, that is. Something that coats the lips, moisturizes and provides a nice base for lip color. However, SO many brands get it wrong - too greasy, shiny, sticky, heavy, waxy, not moisturizing enough...and the list goes on and on.

MAC has created a lip product which any beauty lover can appreciate. This product was a pure treat each and every time I used it. The conditioner is white and comes in a very generously sized low round container. From the moment I swiped this on my lips it was LOVE. It's a cross bewteen a balm and a gel formula and goes on clear (MAC has tinted versions too!). The scent/flavor is just scrumptious (a yummy, subtle vanilla) and the texture of the balm was light with just the right amount of oils to slide over my lips. It was extremely moisturizing without being greasy and provided the perfect base for matte or semi matte lipsticks. I even loved using this on days when I was running around and only had time for this and a swipe of neutral lip liner over it.

A little goes a long way and it does have great staying power. It kept my lips super soft and silky smooth all day. If you constantly have dry, flaky lips this is the product for you! This is also a MUST HAVE product for air travel when the plane air dries you out! Yes, this is another "worth every penny" (WEP) purchase :)" -RLB

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