Beauty Find - Neil Morris Perfume, Off Shore

Neil Morris is a master at taking a story, theme or visual idea and turning it into a scent.

Case in point: Morris' latest scent, Off Shore, was inspired by Neil Morris wanting to "create a scent that's as fresh as a summer breeze and shimmers like sunlight dancing on the water".

Morris has done just that.

Off Shore is the perfect summer scent which evokes the moist, salty air, beautiful soft floral notes and a light musk that blends effortlessly with the salty notes on the dry down. As with all of Morris' scents on me, the notes don't just "sit on top" of one another or appear and then evaporate quickly. In Off Shore the fragrance notes appear, blend with one another and then reappear again later in the dry down - simply amazing!

This will go down as yet another one of my top Neil Morris scents.

This is a perfect scent for Sunday brunch, travel or just freshening up at the end of the day, and also makes a perfect beauty gift for the summer graduate in your life! - RLB

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