Impulse Buy of the Week - CHANEL No. 5 Essential Bath Oil


Many times, it seems that fragrance brands add bath and body products to their main fragrance as just an after thought. There's no real originality or advance in the packaging, texture, performance or even the delivery method.

But of course, CHANEL didn't do that with their legendary CHANEL No. 5 Essential Bath Oil!

CHANEL No.5 Essential Bath Oil is a wonderful, scented oil, that gives the essence of the No. 5 perfume (but should be noted does not smell exactly like it). It's visually beautiful to look at. It's a classic CHANEL bottle with a pink Ombre*-like effect, which represents the 3 layer oil suspension of the product inside.

I simply shook the bottle and then added it to bath water. Just heavenly and very moisturizing! I also enjoyed adding a bit to my skin directly after taking a shower. The oil is also good for a few other uses too - I added a few drops of the oil and used it on my hands, elbows, heels and cuticles and just loved it. The lingering scent of a essence of No. 5 is the best part of the treatment! I also loved using it as a very soft, (slightly more cherry/candy-like in fragrance) version of the No. 5 perfume in the day time - so it really is multi-purpose and a little goes a long way -- so it's a great buy too.

If you're a CHANEL fan and have never tried the classic No.5, or are a No. 5 lover but never used the corresponding bath line, I highly encourage you to splurge a bit on this wonderful oil! - RLB

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