Impulse Buy of the Week - MAC Violet Fire, Style Warriors Collection

I mentioned recently on twitter that I thought that MAC's current limited edition collection, Style Warriors, is a really beautiful and creative makeup collection - from the color selections to the packaging to the promotional imagery.

In a collection with gorgeous golds, browns, shimmery sands and yellows, the gorgeous magenta nail lacquer shade, Violet Fire, equally stood out for me.

It's a mid tone blue-based purple with a creamy metallic quality to it - very unique. It's equally beautiful on nails and toes, and while it may look bright, it's not neon and as I mentioned before, there is a dash of milky cream color blended in, which softens it up tremendously. It's still a "notice me" shade - but not distracting or too over the top for most women.

Editor's Note: It does tend to take 3 full coats to get the full effect that you see in the bottle.

The formula is creamy and medium/thick and with a top coat applied every other day, lasted at least 5 days without any major chipping.
This is another limited edition nail shade that any cosmetic lover, nail color fanatic and of course MAC fan MUST have - NOW! - RLB

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