Impulse Buy of the Week - Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Repairing Night Cream

Like some of you, I've always had a little fantasy that after applying a luxurious skin cream before bed, I will magically wake up like a princess -- with glowing, radiant skin, sun shining, birds singing...(lol!).

There are a small handful of products that I've tried over the years that come very close to this result after just the first few uses (minus the sun and birds of course!). The legendary French luxury skin care line Orlane, has created one of them.

The Absolute Skin Recovery Repairing Night Cream is simply one of the best night creams - luxury in price point to be sure, but extremely effective and in my opinion, worth the price for the results, fragrance and packaging (just look at that glam silver jar the cream is housed in!).

For skin that veers towards dry this is a luxurious necessity. The cream is fluffy, silky smooth and very concentrated. Just a small amount (about a dime-sized worth) quickly absorbed into my skin without any heavy, greasy feel. The fragrance (like many of my favorite french skincare products) is also enchanting and relaxing. It's a spicy/floral scent that is subtle, but lingers nicely.

Each morning after I applied the repair cream my skin was glowing, smooth, and still nicely hydrated. I even started using a bit on my hands/nails at night too and the skin there had a smoother, softer feel and also glowed! I also got fantastic results with the skin on my neck after several weeks. I experienced no breakouts or irritation on my more oily parts in the t-zone (to which I applied a very light amount). What a lovely introduction to this line. I will be exploring more Orlane products for eyes and body care this month, so stay tuned! - RLB

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