Impulse Buy of the Week -Tocca Cleopatra Crema Da Corpo Lotion

I've been quite impressed with the Tocca scents that I've tried recently. So I was naturally curious about the scented body care products.

Cleopatra was a scent that I just couldn't pass up trying (with a name like that how could I?). I imagined something much more strong and spicy, but it turns out that it is a very soft, unique combination of sweet cucumber and tart grapefruit, which I really enjoyed.

It's a very clean, fresh scent that's easy to wear during the day as well as night, and also makes a perfect refreshing summer fragrance option. The lasting power is medium (a few hours), but if you love this scent I would recommend layering it with the Tocca Beauty Cleopatra Collection 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray for all day lasting power. I also really liked how the scent dries down into a soft, warm, sexy element - very nice!

The lotion itself has a beautiful texture - (it's obvious that Tocca really paid special attention to this detail when creating it). It soft, light, moist and slightly whipped. It absorbed instantly and provided very nice hydration with no greasiness or heaviness. The packaging, like all of Tocca's products exudes old-world European luxury -- which is just like the cherry on top of an all together scrumptious cake!- RLB

Go-->Tocca Beauty Crema da Corpo 8 oz Cleopatra Crema da Corpo Body Lotion

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