Korres Pomegranate Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes For Oily And Combination Skin

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Sephora.com, Inc. Tester: Asian (Japanese) with combination, slightly sensitive skin.

"What's great about these cleansing cloths is that even if don't need a quick cleansing option or are not particularly interested in natural skin care per se, you will love these.

The wipes have a pleasant, light pomegranate fragrance (reminded me a bit of cranberry fizz soda) which was very refreshing. They are of average wipe size (about 7x7"in). The wipes are very moist (not dripping wet) and most importantly, remove makeup extremely well. I wear it all - from foundation to waterproof mascara to eye pencil, blush, etc. - and I was always able to easily remove it all with just a few swipes on my wipe. The wipes were extremely gentle on my eye area and cleansed my more oily areas well without drying me out elsewhere, like my cheeks. The wipes left no heavy, sticky or greasy residue on my skin - it just felt clean, fresh and toned.

After using them regularly, I loved how my skin felt. I had a very nice tone, and experienced no breakouts or irritation. My t zone was clear and the wipes also cut down on the shine I usually experience on my t zone in the AM.

Note: As with many soft wipe packs with the resealable adhesive type of opening on top, I would suggest putting the pack inside of a larger zip lock bag to ensure that they don't dry out if you forget to close it tightly.

These are a bit pricier than most wipes on the market, but well worth it. - T.K.

Editor's Note: This product is formulated without:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals- Phthalates- GMO. One package includes 25 wipes.

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