MAC Lustre Drops Sun Rush - Style Warrior Collection Tester: West Indian (Jamaican) about Sannah Lathan's complexion with combination skin and good skin tone.

"Leave it to MAC to make a fantastic product like this - which is not a bronzer per say, but rather a liquid highlighting product which is multi-use and gave me a beautiful look!

Lustre Drops
are meant to be used either by mixing with your regular moisturizer/sunscreen/tinted moisturizer or foundation and provide a subtle, sheer layer of shimmer. It can also be used as a highlighting product, applied directly from the tube on the cheekbones, brow bones and even shoulders and decolletage.

I liked to apply a few drops with the small dropper bottle into my daily moisturizer or liquid foundation in the morning, and then also added a light layer on my cheekbones after I had finished my makeu
p. Such a pretty effect! What's great about it is that it gives you more glow than bronzed effect. The shimmer is flattering and really pretty in sunlight, but it's very fine so it does not come off very glittery at all. Sun Rush is a peachy gold shade and really works well with most skin tones, particularly warm and those with yellow/orange undertones. There are also two additional Lustre Drop shades in the collection, one more pink and one more brown.

The Lustre Drops didn't interfere with my other face products, nor cause any irritations or clogged pores, which is another plus!

Sun Rush, pictured left.

Although it is small, because it is so pigmented, just a few drops are needed for the effect. That, coupled with how versatile it is, make this yet another MUST have item for any beauty lover (and especially MAC lover's) makeup collection. P.L.

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