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Many of you have been looking to make a switch to a more natural deodorant in recent years. However, you may have often heard that they don't work as effectively (read: do not fight perspiration or odor) as well as standard brands. Well, I'm happy to report that this Organic deodorant from Origins is one that you will really enjoy.

Origins Totally Pure DeodorantCertified Organic has an incredible fragrance. Very much in keeping with many of Origins, scents, it's a spicy/herbal blend that is prominent, but not off putting. Keep in mind that this is not an antiperspirant, (so you may even need to layer it over an unscented one if you perspire heavily or during very hot days). However, this is extremely effective at preventing odor, does not cause clogged pores or irritation of the underarm skin.

It comes in a convenient spray bottle applicator and the fragrance is courtesy of certified organic essential oils. It's also very nice after a gym workout and as an late afternoon spritz of freshening fragrance as well! - RLB

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