Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

drugstore.com Tester: Asian (Chinese) with sensitive, combination skin.

"Sometimes a beauty product doesn't have to produce "miracles" to still be considered a skincare staple for me.

Avene's soothing moisture mask is perfect for those that have sensitive skin or skin that is usually normal but is acting a little "off kilter" due to dry air, lot's of sun exposure, very cold temps or stress/lack of sleep. It does exactly what is promises: provides soothing, moisturizing relief for skin.

It's milky in consistency and has a pleasant, soft, spa-like light scent. I applied it anywhere from 1- 3x week depending on my skin's needs, after cleansing. I left it on for about 15 minutes at night (or after a full day outdoors in the sun) and then tissued off the excess. My skin really felt like it was "drinking" up the mask.

This really made a difference in any dry/red/irritated/flaky or itchy patches on my skin. After rinsing off my skin felt soft, smooth and much more even in skin texture. This was also great for lessening the redness or irritation from pimples/breakouts in my t zone as well. I found that used more often during a week with breakouts, it completely healed them." -K.P.

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