Beauty Find - Kenzo Ryoko: L'Eau par Kenzo

What do you get when you take a beautiful fragrance, cutting edge design, art and serious thought to what a "global nomad" is?

A Ryoko of course!

Kenzo's Ryoko is a fantastic concept in travel perfume and design. It's a plastic "pebble shaped" container about 4 in" long that easily fit in the palm of my hand and was light as air.

The fragrance is dispensed via a small button that is depressed (in the upper left hand corner of the pebble in the picture). I also loved that outer clear lucite case to display the pebble when you I had it on my vanity at home (appearing suspended in air-cool!).

For travel or just throwing into my purse for the day this could not have been more convienent or simple to add. I also LOVE this shade of blue, so it always put a smile on my face when I pulled it out. The pebble is so soft and smooth that I often found myself taking it and holding it even when I wasn't using it for fragrance!

The L'Eau par Kenzo scent itself is another one of Kenzo's best refreshing scents for summer. I loved the fresh, aquatic notes that blended so well with the lotus flower and the cool mint. I also got a bit of lemon and honey in the mix as well. It's a scent that really can work for just about anyone, anytime.

The staying power is excellent, and as with many of the wonderful Kenzo scents that I love, as time goes on, the lingering dry down is sensual and really invites you into the body to "come closer" and continue smelling it - beautiful! - RLB

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Editor's Note: Ryokos are leak-proof and airline friendly!

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