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Patyka is a French line of skincare & fragrance products which really are the epitome of the term "Luxury Organic".

All of Patyka's products are certified ECO CERT and they grow and extract all of their ingredients that they use in their products. What I also love about the brand is that the core of Patyka’s mission is to source and produce the finest organic ingredients with a total dedication to Fair Trade practices.

Patyka's products do not contain: silicone, petroleum, PEG, parabans or phenoxyethanol.

Here are the products I tried that I simply fell in love with and that most of you will enjoy as well. They are extremely luxurious in texture, fragrance and packaging, and offer incredible benefits that I could see and feel on my skin.

Rosewood Body Cream (pictured, above)
From the lemongrass shade of the bottle with the beautiful,"Fois Boise" (carved wood effect) inspired graphics/image to the fragrance of this body cream I enjoyed using it each and every day!

The texture of the cream is med-thick and silky smooth. It contains Shea butter and sesame seed oil which really went a long way towards providing great hydration all day long to my body. The rosewood fragrance is a close cousin to the rose flower, but with a softer, warmer slightly drier scent. It could easily be worn on it's own for your daytime fragrance as well. It's prominent but not overwhelming if you do feel so inclined to also wear a fragrance over it. This works wonders on dry feet and as a massage lotion to relieve stress!

Mandarin Bath & Shower Gel (pictured, left)
A really nice treat for the shower or bath! The Mandarin is authentic and yet very subtle. The formula is rich and moisturizing (a little goes a long way!) and didn't strip my skin of moisture yet cleansing very well. This is another great fragrance option for extremely hot Summer days.

Organic Face Scrub (pictured below, left)
This little container holds of my new all time-favorite face scrubs. The texture is so nice! It's smooth with very tiny granules, but with a bit of a creamy, whipped feel. There is a perfect amount of organic Shea butter and sesame seed oil, which provided the perfect amount of "slip" and abrasiveness to give me a through yet non-irritating scrub. I used this about 3x week. My skin was so soft, smooth and moisturized without feeling any residue or greasiness on my skin after using. The smaller size is also perfect for travel and the gym! Again, this is a very concentrated formula and a little goes a long way.

Huile Absolute Organic Serum (pictured below, right)
This is one of the other little wonders of the line! It's a multi-use product which is perfect after taking a shower/bath and using on damp skin. It hydrated extremely well and gave an amazing glow to my skin. This serum can also be used on the face if you have drier skin and will work well as a night time skin treatment. It is perfect for use on cuticles and dry heels and can even be used on the ends of dry hair to smooth and provide shine without weighing down hair. - RLB

Available at Patyka and Here's more information on the great features coming to Spirit Beauty Lounge's site as well!

If you are in New York, please visit their West Village store location for the full line of products:

33 Carmine Street (bet. Bleeker and Bedford) New York, NY 10014
tel. 212–933–9097

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