Drugstore Buy of the Week - Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body wash manages to take a scent concept that has been done before in many body care products - the brown sugar/vanilla combo - (although the second scent is listed by Caress as Karite Shea Butter) - and manages to not only make it unbelievably decadent, but combines it with a super moisturizing formula that anyone (even if you're not looking for a drugstore bargain) will love!

With the "whoosh" of these two notes hitting my nose as I opened the cap, I knew that this was going to be a very nice experience, and a very different drugstore body wash. The scent was soft, sugary, but not cloying or containing a fake plastic-y sugar element I've experienced in many inexpensive body care products. The scent is prominent - I certainly smelled it lingering for a while after my shower, but it was so lovely I didn't mind at all.

The texture of the body wash is a fairly thick cream/gel blend. The exfoliating grains, which are sugar based, are very tiny. The exfoliation is very nice and will be appropriate for those of you with more sensitive skin as well. (If you want/need a more intense scrub just combine with scrubbing gloves or a more abrasive scrubbing cloth). My skin was very clean, soft and even better, very moisturized after rinsing the scrub off. I found that I didn't need much additional body lotion afterwards at all, and my skin stayed soft and smooth all day.

The packaging is a like it or hate it affair I admit (the dress on the front is really not necessary in my opinion), but unless you are a real packaging snob, this shouldn't matter very much. You will have to like warm, sweet scents to use this product, but if you do, this is really one of the best and delivers an experience equal to many products which are much more expensive.

Another plus - this bottle is HUGE and should last a few months if used about 2x week. This is a drugstore gem that you don't want to miss out on! - RLB

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