Drugstore Buy of the Week - ChapStick True Shimmer

I have to admit I haven't really used a ChapStick product since my mother used to buy them along with my soap, toothpaste, etc at the drugstore for me...so it's been a long time.

However, delicious scent varieties + plus my beloved lip finish (shimmer) + inexpensive = a lip balm I want to try! So I was happy I got the chance to review ChapStick True Shimmer.

What's great about ChapStick True Shimmer is that this lipbalm is extremely subtle, giving a beautiful sheen and glow to my lips. When I looked closely, and in sunlight, I noticed the thousands of pretty, tiny flecks of silver micro-shimmer.

These balms go on a soft creamy white out of the tube and with finger application smooth out to a clearer shade. They don't add any additional color, but they work very well over a matte lip stain or lip stick if you are looking for more color for day. Used alone with a neutral lip pencil this can give a very nice "your lips but better" look.

They are not "frosty" or overly sparkly. Nice, pretty and natural lips with the added shimmer is exactly the look I got. Blended Fruit Sherbet was one of my favorite flavors - really authentic with it's creamy creamy mixed berry scent.

The balm was not chalky, waxy or gritty, and very moisturizing and comforting on my dry lips - especially while traveling on dry air planes, trains, etc. I found myself turning to this little gem often! My other favorite is the Tropical version (pictured, left), which is a yummy Pina Colada-like scented blend that will do if you're dieting or can't get to the real thing! :) - RLB

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ChapStick True Shimmer Tropical

Editor's Note: These lip balms do not contain sunscreen. Also: As with all lip balm products, take care if toting this around in your bag during the warm weather, as it should optimally be stored at room temperature between 20-25°C (68-77°F)

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