Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Inc. Tester: Hispanic, (Cuban) late 30s, with combination skin and some fine lines/wrinkles.

"If there was ever a serum that needed to be a part of an preventive skin care regimine, it's this one.

This is a wonderful serum which is super concentrated (just a pea sized amount is needed), and absorbed into my skin instantly. After washing my face at night, I tapped the serum on my face (and neck!) and it created a silky, smooth finish. If my skin felt very dry, I would use a bit of night cream on my cheeks, but on most nights just the serum sufficed. After the first 2-3 nights I used it, I woke up in the morning to skin that was glowing and many of my fine lines seemed softer and less prominent. My makeup applied much easier and more evenly. I experienced no clogged pores, breakouts or irratation in my more oily, "troubled" areas.

After continued use, my skin simply looked better - fresher, brighter with an overall better tone. My fine lines remained reduced and I noticed that after my initial test run, when I didn't use the product, my skin began to look a little "dull" and those little lines were much more prominent! I now use it several nights a week without fail and have seen the improvements remain.

I loved the packaging, the dropper applicator, and feel that this is a great investment product to maintain beautiful skin down the road." - P.M.

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