Palacinka Beauty Insider - Makeup Artist Regina Harris

Last week I was invited to attend and participate in a event called, 360Fashion & Technology Meetup NYC , hosted by founder, international model (and one of the top models in China), Anina.

It was there I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the fashion industry's top makeup artists, Regina Harris (pictured, left). Regina's work has graced the covers of leading fashion/beauty magazines such as Allure, W, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Bazaar and Elle.

In addition, Regina is also a perfumer, with two of her scents being best sellers in Barney's department store in New York and on

Here are some of her secrets to not only getting the models she works with every day to look even more beautiful, but also her very own favorite beauty products! - RLB

RLB: What are your personal skin care favorites?

RH: My personal regime all time favorite thing is Na-PCA spray by Twinlab. I have used this product for years. Also, Weleda Iris moisture Cream. I also love Shu uemera Deepsea replenishing cream.

RLB: What skin care products do you use to prep models?

RH: First I prep with Shu Uemera Deepsea replenishing lotion. I tend to use oil-free moisturizer. Usually Neutrogena Oil-free sensitive Skin. Shiseido Factor 55 if we are going to be out in the sun.

RLB: What are your top three foundations and why?

RH: MAC and Bobbi Brown both have great stick foundations they come in a great range of colors and cover and travel well. L'Oreal infallible is also really great if you need something long lasting.

RLB: What is the best new mascara you've tried in the last 6 months?

RH: I am such a Lancome Defencils fanatic that I almost never try new mascara. I can control it and make it do what I want. I think that it would be great if they could make one that gradually darkened lashes. Like Grecian formula but for lashes.

RLB: What products did you use on Chanel Iman for the Bazaar Dubai Magazine Cover? (Pictured, left.)

RH: I really just went for the eyes. I used a pencil like MAC black liner in Ebony, a warm black on the top of the lid.

A couple of coats of mascara and NARS South Beach stick on the lid crease and cheeks just a hint of white frost shadow above the fine black pencil line. Lips natural, with only lip balm.

RLB: What products did you use on the model (in one of my favorite international Elle issues last year), the Elle Germany spread, you did in India? (Pictured, left.)

RH: Thanks much for saying that! You see tons of beauty pics.

I rarely use a lip liner but this was one of those times. lined the lips very lightly with MAC Chestnut. I feathered it all over the lips with a q-tip and blended in a red lipstick. I tend too use 2-3 colors on the mouth when I do red. It creates dimension.

I used individual lashes on the corners of her eyes. A modern natural take on old Hollywood glam. I used a little contour in the cheek hollows and a rosy powder blush on the cheeks. I used a taupe pencil on the brows after meticulous brow shaping.

To view all of Regina's work and learn more about her fragrances please visit:

*All images courtesy of Regina Harris

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Thanks for this interesting interview.

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