Anti-Aging Beauty Find - DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate The wonderful spice, Tumeric, is not just for delicious Indian/Asian food my dear, "Palacinka Beauties"!

It's now one of the powerful age-fighting ingredients in DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate , which I had the opportunity to try via their launch event earlier this summer.

DDF has created a special Tumeric Complex made from the spice, which helps hydrate, tighten, diminish fine lines and give a glow to the skin.

This has now become one of my favorite eye creams and one that I will continue to use regularly. The cream is very smooth, silky and while not thick, very concentrated and weighty enough that just a small amount was needed. It is listed as fragrance-free (but it should be noted that for a few seconds I did smell the distinctive aroma of the tumeric spice, which I didn't mind). The scent dissapeared quickly upon absorbing into my under eye area.

It hydrated my eye area incredibly well, worked beautifully underneath my concealer and after several weeks of use 2x day, I really did see a nice improvment in the overall texture, brightness and firmness in the area. It also helped with overall puffiness in the morning when I added a little 1 min massaging action under each eye after applying it. This is a luxury purchse that is WEP (Worth Every Penny)! Since you will need such a small amount to get results, it really is a great skin care investment and a little super star of a product. - RLB

Go--> DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate 0.5 oz

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Unknown said...

I've heard good things about this ddf product! Going on my wish ♥ list now....