Beauty Find - Kimiko Long Healthy Lashes

The first thing I thought after sweeping a few coats of Kimiko's Long Healthy Lashes mascara on my eye lashes was, "WOW, this is so pretty!"

Long Healthy Lashes is part of Kimiko's line of "treatment makeup" which aims to integrate art and science. Kimiko blends essential skincare ingredients with rich color palettes. The line is inspired by the elegance and beauty of Japanese art and ritual.

From the brush to the formula, I could tell that this mascara was very unique. The brush is ever so slightly curved, with a massive amount of thick, short, soft bristles that allowed me to get most of my lashes in just one sweeping movement. The formula is slightly dry, and very light. The effect gave me beautiful length, but is also looked very defined, fluttery and natural. It also gave me nice volume, so it's perfect for those of you looking to boost thin lashes. The product promises hydration for lashes, and I have to say that I could tell that they were more "moist", soft and pliable, when using the mascara.

The mascara is a buildable formula, but I found with just 2 coats I got fantastic results. Kimiko is a line that you should have on your radar for luxurious cosmetics with wonderful treatment properties and beautiful colors. - RLB

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