Beauty Find - Original Moroccan Oil Treatment

After hearing about Moroccan Oil, which many of my fellow beauty bloggers, like Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie, have deemed nothing less than a "miracle in a bottle", I finally got a chance to try it and yes, they were right!

Moroccan Oil is made from a blend of Argan oil and vitamins and the product is harvested under a free trade program which supports families in Morocco.

The Original Moroccan Oil treatment is several products in one - a finishing product, styling product and a shine product. All while also protecting against UV damage, heat damage and providing extra conditioning to the hair.

What I loved about the oil is that I didn't find it heavy or greasy, and yet it did make a great difference in how much shinier and softer my chemically treated hair looked and felt. After washing and conditioning my hair, I added just a quarter-sized amount before blow drying or even hair drying (avoid over applying it however - start with a little and work in more if you need it). Then I used a bit more when my hair was fully dry/straightened for extra shine and protection.

What I noticed most was the incredible shine my hair had and how soft and smooth the ends of my hair were. It didn't weigh down my hair or cause product build-up between shampoos. This product is also very concentrated, so a bottle will last you many months with usage a few times a week. The smell of the product is also fantastic, a spicy, aromatic blend that was present, but not cloying for me, throughout the day.

This is also perfect for those of you looking for a de-tangling product, or a heat protection product before flat ironing. For curly hair, a touch of this oil helps out a lot with keeping the frizzies at bay too!

I also love the bright blue turquoise packaging, but it should be noted that this is a glass bottle, so you may want to move it to a secure area in your bathroom/cabinet or transfer a little to a plastic bottle to avoid it falling and breaking. - RLB

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Anonymous said...

Love the Moroccan Oil; my stylist recommended it and it works great on thick, tangled hair; doesn't leave it oily either; highly recommend!!

Haircare Heather said...

We love MoroccanOil Oil Treatment as well. The Argan oil is awesome and great for your nails as well.

"moroccanoil" said...

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"moroccanoil" said...

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