Beauty Find - Shobha Ingrown Hair Relief I have friends that rave about the hair removal services at Shobha salon, so it was no surprise that their latest product, Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion Aftercare is a fantastic solution for ingrown hairs as a result of waxing or shaving the bikini line or underarm area.

The lotion is in a convienent pump dispenser and about 1 pump was enough to cover the areas, post-shave.

The texture of this unscented lotion is fairly thick, which was suprising - almost like a cream. However, it was still light in feel and because it was thicker, it was very soothing on my skin after shaving. It absorbed into my skin very quickly and easily after rubbing it in.

I began using the lotion every day after shaving, and then every other day - and the small ingrown hairs I had simply dissapeared after about 2 weeks - and they never returned! I loved how soft the lotion left my skin. I never felt any stinging or burning, (although it does contain some glycolic acid to help exfoliate). After continued use, the entire area was softer and smoother after shaving. This is absolutely a must have body care product to have in your beauty arsenal! - RLB

Editor's Note: Shobha advises waiting 48 after waxing to apply the lotion. If you have severe ingrowns, apply the cream 2x/day until you see improvement. Shobha Ingrown Hair Relief is also free of parabens, color & artificial fragrance.

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