Beauty Organizing Find - Simple Human Soap Dispensers

With all the beauty products that I review for this blog, needless to say I'm also obsessed about easy, visually appealing ways to keep everything I use very organized and neat.

The shower caddy just doesn't always hold all my bottles that I have in rotation at one time, so imagine how happy I was when I was introduced to the new Soap Dispenser system from the geniuses at Simple Human!

Best of all it is super easy to attach to the shower tiles (they provide special waterproof glue and the heavy duty tape is already applied on the back base. Then after letting the back base dry and set on the shower tiles, I added the canisters which I easily filled with some shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Next, I simply clicked the canisters in place in the specified holes in the base and the unit was ready to go!

The dispenser's ergonomic t-bar lever, which is pulled forward, worked with my natural grip so I was able to control the amount of product dispensed with just one hand.

I cannot tell you how much better this unit makes my bathroom look, not to mention that fact that I did feel like I had just a touch of that spa feel at home after installing it.

If you don't have many body care products but just want a cleaner, sleeker way to hold and present them then this is perfect.

If you have many body care and hair care products and need to streamline them this is also a must have organizing system.

Simple Human also has many other wonderful organizing solutions for the bathroom, as well as the kitchen, laundry room and closets. I've been a big fan since I discovered their cute Plastic Lid Mini trash cans and their Utensil Holder (which I've used to hold extra large makeup brushes!), a few years ago! - RLB

*Images courtesy of Simple Human

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Kashyap said...

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Gareth said...

That's very nice idea...

i am impressed and need one for my bathroom...

Washroom UK said...

seriously i don't know who they are above me here but liquid hand soap dispensers here are pretty dam good maybe you could write a post about some of these?