Impulse Buy of the Week - Orlane Light Box

I started my love affair with Orlane a few months ago with their fantastic Absolute Skin Recovery Cream which I raved about.

Now my love affair has reached new heights with their at home skin treatment system, the Orlane Light Box.

The Orlane Light box is a luxury skin care system made up of 3 steps: an eye treatment complete with serum and eye patches, a brightening mask and an after mask cream - and best of all the entire treatment takes only 7 minutes!

That means that this was a breeze to use in the morning when I really wanted to take my skin to the next level, or right before getting ready for an event in the evening.

The lucite box contains 1 tube of eye serum, 6 eye patches, 6 pre-measured mask mix packets and 1 after treatment cream. This means that it is a 6x treatment product. (It can easily and safely be shared among friends to split the cost, FYI).

Everything is laid out clearly and organized very well, so I only had to read the directions once and I completely understood the three steps and how to use the products: Dazzling Eye Ritual, Glowing Skin Masque and Evervescent Cream Glow. I began with the eye treatment, and while the eye patches are on, I moved on to mix the supplied powder into the premeasured masque packet, let it foam and then applied it on to my skin.

Since none of the products slip or slide off the face, if you don't have the time to lay down for the 7 minutes, you can certainly take care of other things around the house and multi-task (the usual story of my life!). But if you do have the time, laying down and relaxing just makes this experience that much better...

After 7 minutes, I peeled off the eye patches, and this is where I could really see what an exceptional product this was. My eyes looked brighter, fresher and less puffy. Then I rinsed off the mask and my skin was as smooth as a baby's, again, brighter and completely hydrated. The final product the cream glow, sealed the deal by adding just a tad more moisture and subtle illuminating effects as well. I was literally beaming my skin was glowing so much! :)

This is perfect for normal, combination and dry skin and the products can be edited down to a smaller cosmetic bag or zip lock for a luxurious skin treat while traveling or after a spa treatment as well. This is absoultely an innovative skin care breakthough and without a doubt - "WEP" (Worth Every Penny). - RLB

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