Weekend Beauty Review Update - August 29th

Here are some of the new reviews/beauty updates on the blog that you might have missed this week! Enjoy...

Anti-Aging Beauty Find - DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate

Just Wipe n Go!

Reader Question - Does Proactiv Really Work?

Sweet Smell of Figs for the Last Days of Summer

Beauty Event- Sue Devitt for NYC's Fashion's Night Out

Impulse Buy of the Week - Avril Lavigne's Black Star

Personal Care Find - SweatBlock

Organic Beauty Find - Giovanni Biodegradable Organic Towelettes

Reader Favorites:

Madonna is in love with THIS!

1st Look! Damone Roberts 1968 for OPI Nail Polish *Get yours NOW!

Summer Challegne: Refreshing Fragrance

Summer Challenge: No Breakouts!

Summer Challenge: No Makeup Meltdown

Also, don't miss our Editor-in-Chief's articles for the Examiner! She's now their NYC Beauty Trends Writer. Make sure you visit each week for informative and interesting pieces on beauty & fragrance that you won't find here.


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