Drugstore Buy of the Week - Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser

drugstore.com If you're looking for something to take your skin care cleasning up a notch to really get smoother, super clean skin, I cannot recomend the Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser enough!

I loved how this little vibrating facial device effectively cleansed my skin, and also did a nice job of exfoliating, cleansing little blackheads, and even removing makeup.

To use, I simply dampened the pad that is attached to the top of the device (please note that it takes about a minute to see the actual foam come out of the pad). Then I moved the Wave in a circular motion over my face, then made another pass, concentrating on my t zone. I usually used the exfoliating pad in the AM and the cleansing pad in the PM.

After rinsing the very time my skin was extremely soft and felt clean without being tight or dry. The formula in the pad didn't leave any film or residue. Note: This product is best for normal, oily and combination/oily skins, as it does not contain quite enough moistuizing properties for very dry skin. After continuing to use on a regular basis, I noticed that my skin was clearer and had a nice glow.

I also really liked the two speeds - I tended to use the higher speed 2 in the AM for more energy and circulation to the skin, and the slower speed 1 in the evening for a softer, more relaxing cleansing effect. It's also perfect to prep skin before applying a night time serum.

It's water resistant for use in the shower, which is perfect for taking to the gym. Remeber, is it a battery-perated device so make sure you have some extras on hand for replacement if needed.

You can use one of two type of pads for your skin's needs

All this and it's under $18.00! This is a must have skin care item to have in your life...

The Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser comes with a 2 weeks supply of pads, but the replacement pads are sold seperately on drugstore.com for a great price too! -RLB

Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser


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