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Sephora.com, Inc. I've eagerly awaited Jin Soon's (Owner of the ever-popular Jin Soon Nail Salons in NYC and a top fashion industry manicurist), new limited edition collection of nail polishes for MAC Cosmetics, as many of you did too.

Once I got my hands on them last week I certainly was not dissapointed.

Here are some of my personal favorites from the line:

Dry Martini

I loved this very dark olive green cream (with a large dose of brown). I liked the fact that depending on the light, it could look more brown or more green.
This is a perfect darker, edgier nail color when you don't exactly want to go black or blue. I think this is a really pretty, sophisticated take on a dark olive shade. I thought the coverage and consistency was very good and streak free.

Beyond Jealous

This is quite a bit darker than what you see in the picture, and is a really cool blackened /blue-green (with a touch of dark grey). This color does look black from afar, but the closed you get you will see the green.

Again great coverage, really creamy and easy to apply. The drying time was also very quick. It looks almost black from far away in certain lighting, but maintains an interesting green hue when viewed closer.

Rich, Dark and Delicious

This is a genius dark shade which is deep, dark chocolate brown, but has a really unique touch of charcoal gray upon close inspection.

I love all three of these shades so much I just tend to rotate them depending on if I want more of a green, black or brown feel on my nails.

All three also make killer, posh pedicure shades too! :)

Head over to
MAC's website to see the entire line and order today! - RLB

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