Pixi Lip Blush in Youth

drugstore.com I discovered some fantastic products from the Pixi line over the summer, and was excited to try their latest, Lip Blush.

Pixi Lip Blush is actually a pen-based lip stain. The shade I tried, youth, is a very pretty medium pink with a touch of red. It's light enough for a casual, "your lips but better" look or for those of you who just don't like a bright mouth.

What's great about the stain is that it's long lasting without being drying at all(it's water based). It actually felt moist on my lips from the time I applied it, all the way through to a touch up. There was also no stickiness or tacky feeling with the stain on my lips.

The effect was slightly semi-matte, and it also worked very well with a light lip gloss over it as well (but any oil based lip products/glosses do cut down on it's staying power).

The color set quickly, was buildable and it didn't bleed on my lips. Youth was fantastic shade which really enhanced my natural lip color. There are several more shades in the Pixi line up which are brighter, and in the darker pink, and red categories which are pretty too.

The pen is nicely designed, with a lip that snaps on very tightly so the pen tip doesn't dry out. The tip of the pen applied the stain very smoothly, and the stain itself had such a nice, plesantly fruity (but not sickly sweet) fragrance, which evaporated after a few minutes.

The stain lasts a long time (well over 5 hours in each case I used it), and it never flaked or caused my lips to dry out. I did find that my best results with the overall look and the longer wear were when I exfoliated my lips and dried them well before applying the lip blush. Also, unlike some lip stains which are so long lasting that are hard to remove, Pixi Lip Blush was very easy to remove with makeup remover or a wipe.

There may be many lip stains on the market, but this is by far one of my favorites, and worth the price for all of it's features, as well.

Editor Tip: When not in use, store the pen upside down to prevent the pen tip to appear to have dried out. - RLB

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