Texture with a Twist at S/S '10 Diego Binetti

Spring/Summer 2010 NY Fashion Week Report

drugstore.com Our friends at Sebastian have given us the scoop on the beautiful textured hair styles created by Thomas Dunkin and the Sebastian Professional stylist design team for the Spring ’10 Diego Binetti show.

Thomas and team created a modern, textured twist on structured braids echoing the unique individualism and carefree youth inspiration in Diego Binetti’s spring ’10 collection.

Now continue reading for how to recreate this runway look in real life!

To develop the imperfectly perfect Grecian-inspired updo, Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin adds a touch of disarray to structured braids for a modern twist. The asymmetrical pattern and haphazard positioning of the braids represents unique individualism and carefree youth. Here’s how to take this runway look to real life:

1) Apply Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam to damp hair; blend evenly throughout.

2) Blow hair out straight with a medium to large-sized round brush, spray hair with flexible hairspray for added texture; section hair, and set with large velcro rollers.

3) Take out pins, apply Microweb Fiber to hair, focusing most of the distribution towards the top of the head for lift and malleable texture. Clip top half of hair aside.

4) French braid bottom half of hair starting behind left ear. Pull down top half of hair and pin pieces into french braid updo for playful positioning. Finish look with Shine Define for shiny finish and lasting hold.

Sebastian Professional Products to try:

• Thickefy Foam – Weightless thickener for natural volume ($15.95)
• Microweb Fiber – Elastic texturizer for malleable, touchable texture ($18.95)
• Shine Define – The ultimate versatile hairspray ($15.95)

For more information, please visit www.sebastianprofessional.com.

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