Weekend Beauty Review Update- Sept 26th

Here are some of the new reviews/beauty updates on the blog that you might have missed this week! Enjoy...

Exclusive NY Fashion Week Scoop with Quentin Fears

Beauty Find - DERMAdoctor KP Duty Lotion

Debra Messing's Red Carpet Look for the Emmys - LORAC Cosmetics

Health + Beauty Find - Sibu Beauty

Maintain your Post Summer Glow with Guerlain’s Nourishing Dry Oil SPF 8

Pixi Lip Blush in Youth

Visit the NEW SueDevittBeauty.com and Get FREE Makeup!

OPI + DuWop Go Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness

Reader Favorites:

The Model Brow - Perfect for Me!

ELLE Magazine's Fall A to Zee Online Style Guide is Here!

Exclusive Interview with Bruce Grayson, Primetime Emmy Awards Makeup Head

Reader Question - Does Proactiv Really Work?

Low Budget Ways to Organize Your Beauty Essentials Pt. 2 *Updated!

Also, don't miss our Editor-in-Chief's articles for the Examiner! She's now their NYC Beauty Trends Writer. Make sure you visit each week for informative and interesting pieces on beauty & fragrance that you won't find here.



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