Beauty Find – Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Line When I met the founder of the luxury sun care company, Hampton Sun, Salvatore Piazzolla, during NY Fashion week, he mentioned a new scent that he had that he wanted me to try out. I remember him saying that it was a "perfect recreation of a Hampton summer day". Wow, I thought. That must be nice!

Well, Salvatore could not have been more accurate in how amazing the Privet Bloom scent is, and as I also found out, how fantastic the accompanying body products are.

Privet Bloom is a delightfully white floral scent that immediately took me to drier, crisp, fresh green notes. Think grass, cut branches, fresh blooms on trees... There's also a dash of salty air notes with reminded me of the beach very accurately (nice touch!). It was so fresh and pretty I think that even though this is perfect for spring/summer, I will definitely wear this year round when I just want to be refreshed, or feel like I'm in a warm weather destination.

This is perfect for after working out, and at end of the day to freshen up before dinner. The way the grassy notes and floral notes meld together is really wonderful. Even if you are not a huge floral fan, I think the crispness of the grassy/green notes will balance it out for you. The dry down is soft and floral but with a dash of warmth from the musk notes.

The lasting power was fantastic and I loved layering the other two equally amazing products - the shower gel, which was a note-for note copy of the perfume, lathered nicely and was very moisturizing as well. Adding the lotion was that extra special touch I loved. The lotion was hydrating without being greasy and absorbed quickly, and just made the scent last all day on me. - RLB

Fragrance Notes: Lily of the Valley, Lemon Verbena, Jasmine, Dune Rose, White Hyacinth, Privet Blossom, Low Sea Grass, Sun-Warmed Musk, Blue Plum.

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