Beauty Find - La Mer The Hydrating Facial, Inc. It's only October, but now is the time of year I like to start putting my ultimate beauty product gift wish list together for the holidays.

Well here's one that should be on your list too:

La Mer's newest amazing skin indulgence is
The Hydrating Facial.

Like their wonderful
The Radiant Facial,it too is a sheet mask which comes with 6 treatments.

With colder, drier temps and moisture sucking air coming full force already this Fall, this is the perfect skin care treatment to make sure your complexion stays on track during the winter months.

Yes, this is another La Mer product that is every bit as good as you would expect a La Mer product to be.

Each facial treatment consists of a two-piece cotton mask. One is for the upper part of the face and one is for the bottom half. Like The Radiant Facial mask, each part is very wet (to the point it is almost dripping) with La Mer's signature ingredients formulated to deliver maximum hydration to the skin.

I applied both halves and left the mask on for about 10 minutes. It was so relaxing and decadent! After I removed the pieces, as directed I massaged the remaining lotion (there was still quite a bit left on my skin), into my face, neck and decolletage.

My skin had an amazing soft, was extremely soft, supple and moisturized and I loved the faint trademark scent of La Mer on my skin left behind! I also followed up with either the Original La Mer cream or the SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid.

This is a wonderful way to experience a truly luxurious, easy to do (and easy to travel with since they flat use and toss sheets) DIY facial treatment for those of you with dry skin or in dry/cold conditions.

P.S. If you are daring enough, I know of a few people that actually apply this mask about an hour before landing on a plane flight - they arrive to their destination looking gorgeous of course! - RLB

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