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drugstore.comSAMPAR is a French skincare liner that's huge in France and many other countries in Europe, but just recently starting to getting a big buzz here in the US. I love the packaging, their signature slightly sweet/marshmallow scent and above all their effectiveness!

The SAMPAR line, developed at the Parlabo Laboratories Paris, is a blend of high performance, state-of-the-art nano technology and efficacious aromatherapy. SAMPAR is formulated using exclusive natural complexes, biopeptides, citrus bioflavanoids, and essential oils.

These are three products that I recently tried from the line that I was simply crazy about:

SAMPARProdigal Pen Blemish Corrector (pictured, above)

I don't get breakouts very often, so when I do have a blemish or two show up I want it gone immediately! Usually I can feel it coming on, and this genius product gives you the opportunity to really stop a blemish from becoming fully formed. It worked wonders on my t zone, which is where the "surprises" often show up.

I simply applied the clear formula in the small pen (about 2 in tall) by rolling the mini steel roller ball on the sections where it was needed, and by the next day, the area was fully clear again! If you do end up using it when a pimple is larger, it's still very effective at making it much smaller and healing it quicker - usually within 1-2 days. I also loved the smell, as I do with all the SAMPAR products, which is a little mintier than their normal slightly sweet fragrances. Because of the pen packaging and it's small size, this is super easy to toss in any bag (even your jeans pocket!) and of course a travel bag for the plane.


This is a larger pen product (about 4.5 in tall), which is equally as fantastic. It's roll-on applicator, also with a steel ball, dispenses the exact amount of eye cream needed with no messy application, and also keeps bacteria out. I clicked the bottom of the pen and with just one slight pump I had enough cream for both under eye areas. I loved the cool roller ball feel as I moved the pen in a circular motion around my eye area. (It's also refreshing if you put the SAMPAR pen in the refrigerator for an even colder under eye effect).

The cream was lightweight, smooth and soft and absorbed into my skin quickly. It really helped to make my overall area look less puffy, brighter and more hydrated. I used it morning and night and just loved the results and how quick and easy it was to use. This is now another MUST HAVE product in my morning routine.

SAMPAR Bon Weekend Set

This is a perfect skin care set for an overnight trip and also allows you to sample several of the SAMPAR products.

I loved how all the essential skin care products were included and a few additional products to pamper while you're on the road.

The set includes: Tthe Velvet Cleansing Milk, Skin Quenching Mist, Equalizing Foam Peel, Nocturnal Lifting Masque and Ultra Hydrating Fluid in one set of five vials. Each vial is 0.17 fl. oz, and about 2.5 in tall. I simply snapped each vial apart from the base twisted the top and pressed it to allow the product to come out. The Velvet Cleansing Milk is perfect after dry air plane travel to not only refresh the skin but also rebalance and moisturize. I also loved the Foam Peel which made my skin glow. This also a perfect little stocking stuffer for the holidays for the beauty lover in your life who travels all the time! - RLB

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