Beauty Find - Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser I believe that taking off makeup should do double duty whenever possible. For instance, wipes that also tone the skin, cleansers that fight acne, etc.

Eye makeup remover should be no different, and Talika understands that taking eye makeup off should also benefit one of the main areas that you are concentrating on - the eyes/eye lashes.

I love the Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser's baby blue liquid/gel. It comes in a very nice and hygenic pump dispenser bottle perfect for travel or the gym. The consistency of the cleanser is soft, airy and smooth. Just a few pumps on my cotton pad pressed gently against my eyes removed all my makeup with very little rubbing (both water proof and non- water roof eye makeup).

It was very gentle and always left my eyes feeling clean and refreshed with no burning or stinging. I never had to tug or pull, so my lashes stayed in tact (no broken lashes landing on my cheeks!). This is an oil free formula which leaves no film or build up, but made my lashes feel so soft and full, especially after cosistent use.

This is a WEP (Worth Every Penny) product that you will get a lot use out of, especially since just a few pumps are needed per use. This can easily last 3-4+ months with normal usage. - RLB

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